Our rates explained

Repairs, problems diagnosed and resolved from £40. No fix, No Fee.
Free advice, consultation and estimates. Call now on 07775 813762 or 01507 523557 or contact by email info@reedtek.co.uk

We will always quote the appropriate rate in advance. Some problems may require significant repair time and computers may need to be taken to our office. In such cases an estimate will be provided as soon as possible.


  • Drop off repairs, hardware or software including virus/malware removal from £40 (inc. VAT)
  • Home visit for any required work, training or collection of faulty equipment from £48 (including local travel up to 20 miles round trip and up to 1 hours work) £36 per hour for each additional hour  (inc. VAT)
  • Home computing and networking support, advice and repairs. £36 per hour plus parts (Home visit fees apply) (inc. VAT)
  • Telephone and remote support and advice. Free advice to new and existing customers. £36 per hour for actual support work undertaken. (inc. VAT)
  • Local delivery of repaired items £18 (delivery only) or with installation £36 for up to 30 minutes work. (inc. VAT)
  • Business site visit from £40 (+VAT) (including local travel up to 20 miles round trip and up to 1 hours work)
  • Business system support, design, installation £30 per hour (+VAT) plus parts

Unless otherwise stated there will be a minimum charge of £40 for repairs made at our office or £48 for a home visit or £40 (+VAT) for business site visits, these fees allow for up to 1 hours work. Many support issues can be resolved in 1 hour or less. In the event of a more time consuming problem then we will provide an estimate as soon as possible. Time over the initial 1 hour will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. For home and business site visits which require travel over 20 miles (round trip) we may add travel to our charges at £1 per mile (+VAT) but only for the additional miles travelled over 20 miles. For telephone support time is billed at a minimum of 30 minutes per new contact.

Chargeable hours are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. VAT Invoices and time sheets are available on request by email.

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